Saturday, October 31, 2009

Emotion Filled Friday

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Emotion Filled Friday

Stori with a lapfull at the orphanage.

Chad laughing uncontrollably

Ian's beautiful face

They were worn out at the end of the day.  One of the sweetest things I've seen is if they are sleeping and Ian cries, or even whines, Chad rolls over in his sleep and comforts him.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

First, I apologize to all of those who have been checking my blog.  I simply have had no time to write!

Well, Sunday night was the hardest day of my life.  Leaving Livia and Parker was so hard.  They are so excited but just did not want us to leave them.  I didn't want to leave them at all.  I was very mad at myself.  I really wished one of us would have stayed home with them.  We have called home several times and of course they are doing fine.  But we all terribly miss each other and we can't wait to get home!

We arrived in Kinshasa on Tuesday around 2:00.  Pastor Loma picked us up and drove us to the guest house.  The boys arrived a few minutes after we did.  I was so overwhelmed with emotion!  My boys were right before my eyes!  I could actually hold them.  I held myself back for a few minutes and talked to them.  Ian came right to me.  He is so adorable.  I then passed him on to Jamey were he fell asleep.  I decided to spend all of my attention on Chad.   Chad would cry everytime I looked at him.  I believe they had been preparing him for this day.  He knew what was going on and he did not like it.  My heart broke for him.  Pastor Loma and his family stayed with us for probably 45 minutes.  I finally decided to hold Chad.  He did not cry and hasn't ever since.  When I finally gave him to Jamey, he fell asleep too.  Daddy seems to have the magic touch.

We all slept together in a king size bed surrounded by mosqito netting. Using a flashlight, I felt like we were camping.  Couldn't help but think that Livia and Parker would really like it!  Wednesday we took the boys to the clinic.  It was probably only 5 miles away, but took about 2 hours to get there.  The boys were wonderful.  The trip was a very long one still.  With no air, high tempeture, high humidity and 11 people in a  mini-van it sure was hot and sweaty!  The boys only got blood drawn and will have a thorough examination next Monday.  They had a very hard time finding a vein on Ian.  It was very hard to see him in pain.  But he was over that very quickly.

Ian has bonded with me very quickly.  He wants to snuggle and give me kisses all the time!  Yesterday, he would fuss if I was not next to him.  He would cry and stop as soon as I picked him up.  He is a very happy baby!  He laughs and smiles and coos a lot and sings a lot too.  He is also very active and jumps on me non stop.  He's sort of hard to hold.  He is very strong.  Jamey found a scale here at the guest house and he weighs 11# and Chad weighs 19#.  We aren't for sure how accurate the scales are, they appear to be very old.  But they both are very small!  Ian has been wearing 3-6 month clothing and some 9 month old.  The clothes I packed for Chad 18-24 months  have been big on him and he has been wearing Ians 9 month old onsies.  I have a feeling both of the boys will be growing very quickly.  Ian takes lots of formula and Chad is eating all of mine and Jamey's meals (at the guest house we are served our meals and only a small amount is prepared)!  We are so excited that he has such a good appetite.  He had been eating mostly bread.  So, I am so pleasantly suprised that he likes green beans, greens, chicken and meat.  He just will eat anything so far.

Chad hasn't cried at all.  But he is not himself yet around us.  When we are with Pastor Loma he lights up and his personality comes out.  He smiles and talks (French and Lingala)!  With only us he still talks, unfortunately we cannot understand him.  He is much more subdued.  It is such a big change for him and he has been through so much already.  But he does love to snuggle!  Will stand and try to walk with assistance.  But he tires very easily.  He had Malaria and I don't think he has ever recovered his full strengh since than.  Well, they just rang the bell so I've got to go feed him some lunch.  I will try to right more the next chance I get.

Well, I am back.  Well fed happy babbies!  They are both so easy.  They never cry.  Ian cries only when he is hungry and has as I mentioned cries when I leave the room.  But he has started being fine with Jamey today.

 Oh, and did I mention how cute they are!  Here are some pictures!  

Chad looking at a book.

Ian giggling!

Ian kissing Stori

Ian and Stori

Chad asleep on Jamey

Friday, October 23, 2009


WOW!   I can't believe the time is almost FINALLY here!  I am so anxious, nervous, happy, prepared, yet unprepared.....I am just feeling so many things right now.  Packing has been my biggest stress this week.  How do you fit everything you need for two weeks for two babies and yourself in your carry on's?  It seems to be an impossible task!  I am finally almost finished with it : )
I am not nervous about our trip at all.  I am very nervous about leaving Livia and Parker.  I am going to miss them so much!  I cry thinking about it.  My outgoing little Livia is excited about all of the adventures she will have while I am gone.  Parker on the other hand would rather stay home.  He is very, very sad we are leaving.  It just breaks my heart to see his tears.  Although, yesterday, I said we would be leaving in 4 days,  he actually replied, "I am so excited!"  Of course, not because we were leaving, but because he knew he would soon finally have his brothers home!  I am so lucky to be blessed with children with such big hearts!

Today I am asking all of my readers to pray.  Pray for my babies I am leaving here.  May they have fun with grandparents and cousins and be comforted in knowing I will be home as fast as I can.  Pray for my new babies as they make such a big transition.  May they find comfort in our arms as they are taken from anothers arms.  Finally, pray that we all make it through the big transition when we come back home!  I just can't wait for that first family hug!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Beautiful Boys, Beautiful People

I was pleasantly suprised to get two more new pictures of my beautiful boys.  They have no idea how many people here are loving them, praying for them, and waiting to hold them.  I am just so overwhelmed by all the support we have gotten.  I knew I'd have the support of all those close to me.  But I am suprised by all the other people who are praying, donating to the orphanages, and offering their help in any way the can.

These people have kept my hopes up when I saw my boys starving.  They helped hold my heart together when we lost Linda and Dokta.  They helped keep my mind together when our trip was postponed over a month.  These people have donated over $1500 towards supplies and have given many supplies for the children we must leave behind in the D.R.C.  These people are just AWESOME!   Thank you!  I love you all! 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Let the Sun Shine!

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Parker.  It is a month before his birthday, but we will be coming home with two little ones the week of his birthday.  Didn't know if they would be ready for 12 kids running around.  So, Parker happily agreed to an early birthday party. 
After what seems of a month of clouds and rain,  the sun shined for his party!  We had scavenger hunts, roasted marshmellows,  went on a hay ride and found pumpkins and did a lot of swinging!  Then Parker enjoyed a slumber party with his wonderful cousins!  I think it was a pretty good day!

The Crazy Gang!

Parker swinging with his buddy Koby.

Livia and Jonathon......cute, cute, cute!

Parker with his spider cupcake!

There is also a lot of good adoption news to share! We recieved news that the Terry's got their referral picture!  I am so excited for them!  The Solberg's paperwork is moving along really quickly!  And we recieved new pictures!!! 

Chad.  Can't wait to see him smile : )

Ian is sitting up all by himself!

Mama Josephine giving my babies some love : )

By the way, we leave in 2 weeks!