Monday, April 25, 2011

Words That Make You Go Hmmmm....

There are so many things that people have said lately to me that make me want go "Hmmmm......What the heck were you thinking!"   So, I decided to share a few.

* While at a restaurant Jamey and I were asked TWICE by two different people, "If we were going to keep them?", referring to Chad and Ian.   Hmmmm.....This is just rude!  Chad is 3 going on who knows what and he understands what you are saying!  

* As one of the above people were leaving he dropped a ten dollar bill on the table.  In response to our surprised looks, he said he really wanted us to have it.  Hmmmm.....Is this because he just offended us by asking if we were going to keep our children?

* I had someone approach me the other day and asked when my due date was.  I responded, "June 29th."  His eyes got real big and then he loudly stated,  "Wow!  You are already SO BIG!  Seriously, how big are you going to be by then!?!"   Hmmmm.......this guy is just lucky we were in a room full of witnesses.

* Last week we took Chad and Ian to an appointment with a pediatric surgeon.  The doctor comes in and reviews our paperwork, clearly stating we are their parents with the same last name.  Talks to us awhile, hears the boys call us mommy and daddy.  As she starts taking some notes she asks, "So, are the boys adopted?"  If you could have seen Jamey's face, I was trying hard not to laugh.  She explained that her children look very Asian like their father and people always assume that she adopted them from China.  So, I guess she didn't want to assume that we hadn't some how miraculously produced to very black babies!  Hmmmm......and she is going to possibly operate on my babies!

* Then there are the comments that have been made over and over by different people.  Usually, they are something like, "Wow!  When are you due?  You are going to have your hands so full.  You poor thing.  I just don't see how you can do it."   Hmmmm.......baby is coming whether you are comfortable with it or not!  How about some support : )

* "Where are you going to put all those kids?"  Is a common question.  Hmmmm.....We do not live in a mansion or anything, but we are blessed to have 5 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths.  I see nothing wrong with a two or three of the kids sharing a room.  

So suprise!  We are going to keep all FIVE of our children!  Yes, this is my third pregnancy and I am soon to be 35, so my belly is nice and stretched out!  We are just as excited about number 5 as we were with 1,2,3, and 4!  I guess God just made me crazy enough to believe that we can handle 5 kids!  

Yes, lucky for me that God has blessed me with humor, as I just have to laugh at the things most people say :)