Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Faces in the Cherries

We had a great time today.  The kids, me and the neighbors, Jon (better known as Daddy to his kids and my two youngest) and his son Jonathan went to my mom's (Tatu's) and picked cherries.  I can't imagine a day without my neighbors.  It is such a blessing to have them!  My kids sort of have two sets of parents and four sets of grandparents up on our hill.  Add that to the 80 acres of woods and trails and you have the perfect place to grow up.  It sort of makes me jealous of my kids!  I would have loved to have grown up here!

Anyway, back to the cherries, there were tens of thousands of beautiful red cherries on my parents' cherry trees.  I have never seen so many cherries.  I love being able to pick anything straight of of a tree or vine and eat it right away.  It just tastes so amazingly better than anything you could buy, even at farmer's market.  So my basket was not filling up very quickly.  But my belly was!  Thankfully, Livia and Parker were picking away!  I hope to be able to make a few pies and maybe some jam this weekend.  And definately some cherry cordial!  It is like drinking cherry pie!  Unfortunately, it takes over a month to make.

Here are some pictures of the picking.

My beauty in the cherries

Jonathan all smiles!

Chad climbing up the ladder, trying to get to.....

Parker up in the tree

Ian hanging out with Grandma Tatu

This is how Ian finished his day...

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