Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Responsibly Pestering You All

I know I have been pestering all of you to buy some goods to support a family who is adopting and a lot of you don't even know them.  I am sure you are wondering why?  Why am I making the effort to purchase, sell, and mail items?  Why do I keep bugging you?

Well, let me try to explain....

There are 147 MILLION reasons.  
There are an estimated 147 million orphans in the world today.  
147 million children that need to be fed
147 million children that need to be bathed
147 million children that need proper medical care
147 million children that need shelter
but most of these children just want one thing....to be loved.
147 million children that need a Mommy or a Daddy to hold them, to protect them, to keep them safe, to tell them everyday that they are loved.

As Christians, any one who believes in a God, as human beings, we are responsible for these children.  We can't stand by with the thought, "God is their Father and is always with them."  He might be.  But God works through us!  He has no physical hands to feed, bath, care, provide shelter, or to tuck a child in at night while whispering, "I love you and always will."  No, he needs us.  He needs us all to step us and take responsibility for these children.  

If only 7% of people who claim to be Christians would adopt or sponser a child, all 147 would be taken care of.  

All of you reading this, including myself, could adopt now.  We could save and raise enough money.  Yes, we would have to give up this 


 or this


Okay, so most of us don't have the convertible, but you get my point.  We could all make sacrifices.  We could all adopt, but most of us are not.  I'm sure not all of us are called to adopt, yet many are, and are ignoring our calling.  

But we can still take responsibility for these children without becoming their Mommy or Daddy and we must.  One way is to support those willing to sacrifice all the things that we are taught in this society to be important.  We need to support those who are willing to step up to their calling and adopt a child in need.

Brian and Carrie Woods have done so over and over.  First, there was sweet little Grace (4 yrs old), then Haven (3yrs old), and then JoJo and Manny (both 1 yr old).  Several if not all of these children would most likely not be alive without them.  And now they are stepping up again, and adopting 8 month old twins.  Some of you might see this as irresponsible in this world.  Who could possibly properly care for SIX children?  (Well, I assure they can, and they will do a wonderful job.)  I see them being nothing but responsible to all of God's children.  

Of course, those of you who have adopted know that we are not the gift to our children, but they are the greatest gift God could have ever have given us.  With accepting this responsibility, Brian and Carrie are rewarded over and over each day.  As all of their beautiful children wake up happy to see their Mommy and Daddy, they are rewarded with smiles, hugs and kisses.  You see, as you add more members to a family, more and more love is created.  

But even knowing these rewards.  We are still frightened our life will change to much to act.

So for now, we can support those adopting. Support those who have adopted. Give monetary donations to a good nonprofit organization.  (I personally recommend Our Family in Africa).  Go on a mission trips to a third world countries.  Speak out.  And Pray.  Pray for all 147 million of these children.  Pray that those called to adopt will finally listen to their calling.  Pray that people will support them and help provide for the cost of getting these babies to their forever home.

So, the reason why I keep pestering you all...is because they are able to see beyond the fright that most of us have, they only see the love.  They are taking responsibility for the rest of their lives.  I think the least we could do is take the responsibilty to help get them home.

You can read more about Carrie and Brian and follow their journey by clicking on their names. If you would like to purchase an item or give a donation towards their adoption, and are not on FaceBook please just leave a message : )


  1. You're hyping up Our Family in Africa, who from what I understand are no longer doing adoptions - yet we all know they are helping the Woods with their adoption. Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

  2. I am hyping OFA up as a wonderful nonprofit humanitarian organization, who's mission is to help those orphans left behind. Adoption is wonderful and helped OFA bring awareness to many communities. So much awareness that volunteers were overwhelmed! There is no one who works for OFA they are volunteers. OFA wanted to make sure that they still were making effort to take care of the 5 million left behind. So, yes adoption applications are not being accepted at this time. But there are adoptions that are still being completed. Brian is a volunteer case manager. He has spent countless volunteer hours helping others complete their adoptions. So, he will need little help if any from any of the other volunteers. And after completing 4 adoptions of their own, I think they might be professionals : )


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