Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pastor Loma such a Blessing!

This week we had planned a trip to Ohio to visit Kings Island Amusement park with the kids. To our suprise, we recieved information that Pastor Loma (shown in yellow shirt)was going to be in Ohio too, all the way from the Democratic Republic of Congo! He is here learning about technology through the United Methodist Church. His host family was so wonderful and welcomed us into their home. Luckily, Isaac (shown above) who came from the Ivory Coast in Africa, was also being hosted by them and was an excellent interpreter between our English and Pastor Loma's French.

We had a wonderful time talking with them. We showed him recent pictures of the children he had helped in the process of their adoption into the United States and how to access their blogs on his new computer. He shared what little he knew about our boys.

He is such a loving man living his life as God wants him to. I am so relieved to know my babies will be with him and his family! Such a Blessing! He also agreed to take a large bag full of formula and baby supplies back to his home. They have also opened their home to another 2 month old baby girl, who will hopefully be adopted by the Solberg's soon. I am so grateful that they are willing to open their homes and hearts to these children. Let's all pray for them they will have their hands full.

We received news that his wife was able to pick up Chad and Ian from the orphanage yesterday! So, glad they will be loved and cared for by this wonderful family! I cannot say THANK YOU enough to them! I almost broke down while I was shopping for the supplies. I so wanted to send something wonderful to his wife for taking care of my babies. But with a weight limit to deal with I had to choose formula that was needed. I did send a few small things. But it saddened my heart greatly that I only had one bag to fill.

Again, thank you, thank you, Pastor Loma and family!


  1. Stori and Jamey, I am so happy for you both, knowing your boys are safe with a loving family has to be such a relief. We cannot wait to meet AND WELCOME Chad and Ian into our family. lOVE YOU ALL. STEVE AND HEDY

  2. So wonderful! I'm in tears reading the latest news. I'm so happy the boys will be in Pastor Loma's loving home and can't wait for them to join your family! We're very happy for you!


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