Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Loving the Mail But Hating the Small Print

Today I woke up early went for my first run in a few months (due to an injury). It felt great to run! On my way home I realized I forgot to check the mailbox yesterday. So, I ran to the mailbox and there it was our approval of our I-600A! Yay! It FINALLY arrived!
But after reading the entire page, I realized that they were sending our papers to Kenya instead of the Democratic Republic of Congo! Seriously, how could that mistake have been made!?! Kenya and DRC neither look nor sound anything alike! So, we are hoping to catch our paperwork before it is sent there. This could possibly postpone the process by weeks! I am so frustrated! We are also waiting to fill out our I-600, because we believe they might send us a new approval and form with the corrected paperwork. So, I am praying to stop our paperwork and get it sent to Kinshasa soon! I really need to hold my babies.

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  1. Very frustrating, but at least you know that the paperwork is finished.
    The pictures from your last post are wonderful. The malaria issue is scary, but your boys could not be in better hands. Mama Loma nursed Haven through a pretty rough case of malaria and he is in great shape now!!!
    Thanks so much for contacting us about Pastor Loma's visit. We were able to meet up with him in Nashville. What an amazing meeting with an amazing man!!!


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