Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finally We Meet!

This evening we had the opportunity to listen to a great band Point1Zero and enjoy beautiful weather on the Ohio.  But we also were able to meet another couple who are in the process of adopting from the DRC!  I have formed great friendships with so many people who have or are in the process of adopting.  It is so comforting to talk to people who know exactly how I feel, who has felt my frustrations, helplessness, who can speak the words that my heart feels, and understands the strong bond that amazingly has happened even before I have met my babies in person. They have all been such a support to me.  Thank you all!  Unfortunately, I never get to meet them in person.

One of these great friendships is with Megan Terry.  We met the Terry's at a benefit for Darfur at King Fish on the River.  Kamron Terry is a member of the band Point1Zero (it is a great band with awesome songs).  Our kids had a blast playing.  It was wonderful to meet Megan in person!  Now I just wish we lived a little closer!  We aren't to far away from each other though.  I am hoping for some future playdates with all of our new little ones. 

Earlier this week we were able to meet Suzanne.  She is the MCC rep in the DRC.  She is the angel who provided the boys with formula and us with priceless pictures.  We have emailed back and forth for months and she has shared her own adoption experiences.  It comforted me to be with someone who has held my boys, fed my boys and rocked them to sleep.   It somehow made me feel a little closer to them.  She shared a lot about Kinshasa and I feel much more prepared for our trip.  Just wish it would get her already!  We were able to bring Suzanne a suprise.  Two of her friends who she hadn't seen in years joined us.  Making the night even more special.  Thank you Miningers for joining us!  She also gave us a gift that was made in the DRC.  Something for me to hold onto until I get to hold my babies (in 41 more days).

So, this week has been a week blessed with opportunities to meet wonderful people : )

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  1. Awe, gosh your sweet! We're just glad you guys could make it!


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