Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Day Weekend!

We had a very fun Labor Day Weekend! We had game night Friday. On Saturday we went geocaching for the first time. We never found the box, but we still had a blast hiking! The hike made me remember how blessed we are to live in such a beautiful place! We often get so busy that we forget to stop and just take in God's beauty. I have a feeling this will be a weekly activity from now on. Sunday we went to my cousins wedding. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. And thank God no rain! We all danced the night a way! Monday we stayed home, had a cookout and swam.

Livia and Parker just hanging out on a vine! Vines are one of their favorite things in the woods!

Ahhhhhh...Ahhhhhh......Watch OUT for that Tree!

A box turtle, one of Parker's many finds in the woods.

Toby, our little Cavapoo, came along for the hike.

Parker and Livia hiking up to the cave.

After a big hike up the rocks, the kids enjoy a cave. But still no box! We later found out that my cousins hid this geocache box and it was down at the very bottom where we started!

The kids ended the hike with a swim in the creek. Sorry, Livia. (She thought no one was going to see her in her panties!)

My beautiful mom, better known as "Tatu" (which must have meant wonderful grandma to Livia when she was 9 month old), and Livia and Parker. Actually Jamey jokingly started calling her Grandma Cuckoo, because she has a Cuckoo Clock in her living room. Livia soon started calling mom Tatu and we had no idea why. Until one day when the little bird came out and cuckoo'd and Livia started yelling, "Tatu, Tatu!" So now everyone calls her Tatu! She looks to young to be called grandma anyway! Don't you think?

Me and my little man along with my mom and brother were the first to start the dancing!

We also found this cute little kitten under our deck. She is now living in our house, but we hope to find a good home for her soon. Isn't she precious? Any takers?

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Miss you guys and love you all!!


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