Monday, November 1, 2010

Recovering Monday

Today I am recovering from our very busy weekend and all the sugar!  First there was trick-or-treating!  We had to squeeze this in on Friday night.  Saturday, Parker had basketball practice, after that we drove almost two hours to the State Marching Band Competition, then we shopped and ate.  (There are three high schools in our small county.  All three made it to State Finals!  Being a previous band geek, I am so proud of these students!  I know how much time and committment it takes to perform like they did.)  Sunday we had  church and the kids were surprised by a bouncy and the older ones were able to do the rope course in the woods behind the church.  We left from there and went straight to Bedford for two of Parker's games.  Then did an early celebration of Parker's birthday with some of Jamey's family at Mr. Gatti's. Then Parker and I shopped for some shoes, which we did not find : (

So, today I recover, not as in resting (how I wish).  But picking up everything that everyone just threw on the floor as we ran from place to place and of course LAUNDRY lots of LAUNDRY!  I am on my 4th load and still have a few more to go.

Here are some pics of our busy weekend:

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