Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Official!

We finally got the call from Jilma! Thank you God! As of August 26th we are legally the parents of Chad and Ian in the DRC, adoption decree is final! It suprised me how emotional I was with the news. Jamey was all smiles from ear to ear. I was so happy, but couldn't stop crying. I hope I can control myself when I actually get to hold them!

There is a new law in the DRC that states we must wait 30 days before we can bring them home after the decree is finished. Right now our plans are to leave on September 22nd and return home with them on October 3rd. But of course, this depends on the DRC providing birth certificates and passports for Ian and Chad. We can't buy our plane tickets until that is done.

I've been really dreading the day that I take Chad and Ian from the only mama they know now, Mama Josephine. I know how devastating this will be both to Chad and Ian and the foster family. I hope I will be strong. Me crying hysterically is not going to make it any easier for them. It will be such an emotional day of both sadness and absolute joy to finally have them in my arms!

I am continueing to pray for Cassie and another baby boy that are in the orphanage. They both have wonderful families here in the states waiting for them. They need to be removed from the orphanage as soon as possible and into the loving arms of the Pastor Loma's family. You can see a cute picture of Cassie with a head full of gorgoeous hair here.

Wow! I still can't believe I am the mother of FOUR! : )


  1. Rejoicing with you! That is great news- the countdown is on!

  2. And the countdown is on! Still sooooo excited for you guys!


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