Monday, February 1, 2010

If I Only Had A Dime For Each Time....

I absolutely love all of the extra contacts I make with people because I have my little boys in my arms.  Total strangers come up and talk to me and ask me questions.  This is a great opportunity for me to educate them about the D.R.C.  First, I must tell them this is in Africa and there are 5 million orphans there and a war, etc.  I really do love this, please keep asking questions.  I really don't want to discourage this, but......

Some days, I just want to go about my own business.  Somedays, I wish I could not be noticed in my snot covered shirt and comfy sweatpants.  Somedays, I'd love to make it through Walmart in less than an hour (OK, that is everyday).  Yesterday was one of those days.  I just really wished I had a poster that read,

No, MY children are not from Haiti.
They were born in the
Democratic Republic of Congo.
That is a country in Africa.
No, they are not twins.
They are brothers who are
10 months apart.

I said this over 20 times in one visit!  When people start asking questions, Chad has actually started saying, "Congo! Ten months apart."  If I only had a dime for each time I said this, I could fund someone else's adoption!


  1. I love it! That Chad is going to be a comedian one day!

  2. Chad is going to be quite a handful, isn't he. After a while the people at walmart will recognize your snot covered shirt and realize you're just that lady with the Congolese kids. The novelty of you will wear off. The same thing happened when we first came home, and we are in a big city!

  3. Chad is helping you talking about congo

  4. This is so funny (and sad/pathetic), but I feel the same exact way... only difference is my answers are YES they ARE from Haiti, and YES they ARE twins. Imagine?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats on winning the condo! :)

  5. My boys are 17 months apart, now 5 and 6 years old, and we still get asked if they are twins A LOT. It used to be more when they will smaller (like the 20 times in one grocery store visit that you describe), but it's tapered off. Still, my boys pipe up and say, "No, not twins! I'm six and he's five." They don't like to wear clothes that look alike at all because then they get asked the twins thing more...

    Anyway, I'm glad your patience is holding out! :)

    I'm not sure if I've commented here before, but I've been reading for a while. We're a transracial adoptive family of two boys as well. Congratuations on your sweet kids (all four of them!).


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