Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy First Birthday Owen!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!  I still cannot believe that you are one year old today!  Time flies by way to fast!

Here is the first time we saw each other’s faces.  Love at first sight : )

Your gorgeous Daddy enjoying you filling his arms. Seriously, is there anything better looking than a man that has totally fallen in love with his newborn?

Here we are snuggling during our first day together.  Apparently, you have aged me quite quickly, because in his picture I look about 15 years younger than I do today.

And here you are today!  We missed Livia, Parker, and Chad.  But still managed to have a good time.  We went to the Wonderlab.  Boy did you enjoy it!

We came home and swam and had some cupcakes with the Shellenbergers!   

You are such an absolute joy!  You smile and laugh more than anyone I have ever met!  You have a friendly outgoing personality.  But boy are you impatient!  You walk holding on to everything and will take a few steps on your own.  You love the pool!  You jump in and get very upset if we don't let you go underwater before we catch you.  You can say quite a few words. But Mama and Ninny are your favorite  :)

I love you so much Owen Charles Sullivan!  I thank God everyday for my littlest blessing.


  1. Happy Birthday, Owen! Auntie Megan adores you!!!! (And your mama, and all of your siblings. And your daddy, too!)

  2. Can't believe its been a year. Owen and LuLu are gonna have a ball together! If he doesn't mind a slightly older woman :)

    1. Oh Carrie, I just can't wait until we are all together! oh, and he loves the older ladies ; )


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