Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saying Goodbye

In a few minutes I will wake my three oldest up and hand them over to some very loved family for the next 11 days!  They are heading on a trip to Florida!  They are so excited!  They cannot wait to play on the beach, snorkel, fish, eat sea food, etc.

I know they will be loved and spoiled.  But it is sooooo hard to say Goodbye.  Especially, for this long of time!  But, I am very excited for them! 

This is the first time Chad has ever been anywhere without me.  He is worried I am going to miss Chaddy  snuggles.  He is correct!  Chad gives the best kisses ever!  He keeps assuring me he will be back!  He has no reservations about going at all!  I am proud how far this little guy has come over time.  I think he is pretty proud too.  As he gives me such a proud face when he talks about going with the big kids to Florida.  Then he teases me that I really don't want him to go. I am praying that he has no attachment falls due to this trip.  And that he behaves like the little gentleman he can be!

Livia is always excited to go and do anything!  She is my social child!  She loves the beach!  No worries about her missing home to much, but I am really going to miss my only girl!

Parker is a big Mama’s boy.  He is in my bed, because he couldn’t sleep (and neither could his Mama).  He is so excited, but tears up when he thinks about being away from me.  He requested I video myself singing his night time song on his ipod.  This is true love I tell you!  I can not sing at all and will listen to that recording over and over!  He will have a bit of a hard time.  But did this trip last year and loved it!  Snorkeling and catching sharks while fishing on the beach at night is right up his alley!

I am not for sure how I will be.  I will cry after they leave and try not to tear up while we say our goodbyes.  Why is it so hard to say goodbye  even when it is something everyone is looking so forward to?  

I will then try to figure out what it is like to only care for two children!  Seriously, it is going to be so foreign to me!  I know I will probably have those moments of fear that I am missing a child (or two or three) when out in public.  I am hoping to do some special things for the little ones this week, maybe a trip to the Wonderlab and hopefully to the Zoo. I have a feeling I will surprisingly be busier with fewer kids.  Owen will be lost with Liv, Parker and Chad to play with him.  Ian is much more of a loner.   So, I will probably play a bit more on the floor with Owen and he will probably be attached to my hip when I'm up.

Mommy is going to miss you so much! You three are all so special!  Love you three to the stars and back!  (And yes, this does make me miss Chad's longer hair!)  

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  1. Big step Mommy! I too will take a big step on Sunday as Lexi will be off to church camp for a full week with a friend. This is her first time and my first time to say goodbye. I will say extra prayers for the both of us during this time and know this is all part of the journey and challenges we face as moms. AND most importantly may God keep our bundles little bundles safe! Love ya and miss ya!


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