Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday's Weekly Wisdom

First bit of wisdom today is for you!  Go and check out the Terry's blog.  You have only a few more hours to buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a week on the warm, sandy beach of Destin, FL.  Don't we all want that about now?  We also all want to help Haiti and the orphans of the D.R.C.  All the proceeds go to help them both!  A win, win situation! 

Maybe I should change the title to Chaddy Wednesdays!  I think Wednesday's are just going to be Chad's day!  He is just at that age were he is learning so much!  This week he learned how to open doors.  He so very nicely lets our cats in the house.  Unfortunately, they are OUTSIDE cats!  And Sunday, I sat on my hubby's lap for a little kiss, when I realized it was really quite.  I jumped up and found Chad standing outside on our deck in a diaper and a Colts t-shirt (GO COLTS!).  Yeah, I think I am going to be up for the mother of the year award!   So, all doors in our house now have to be locked.  This is hard for us country folks to remember.  We never lock our doors.

Chad also learned how to "pee-pee on the potty."  I am totally following his lead on this.  I wasn't planning on doing this for awhile, but he is going full force.  He still goes in his diaper, but most of the time he comes running with his shirt tucked under his chin, trying to pull his pants down as he tells me "pee-pee on the potty!"  So, we both run to the bathroom and he "pee-pees on the potty."  We wash our hands and then......comes the best part.   He puts his hands up in the air and pumps them up and down, while chanting, "GO CHADDY, GO CHADDY!"  We leave the bathroom giving each other a high ten!  Don't you wish you got that much energy from using the bathroom!

I know when my kids are older they would be mortified if they saw all of these pictures of them on here.  But I am betting this will be old technology that just the "old folks" use by the time they are old enough to care. 

We also learned today that Livia will be having her Adenoids and Tonsils removed on February 16th.  I learned that apparently her throat has been hurting her a lot worse than I had thought.  Her birthday is on the 22nd.  Not wanting her to be sick on her birthday, I asked if we could do it the day after her birthday.  On the way home she asked if I would call and make it as early as possible because her throat was really hurting.  This is a big change of her attitude!  Her best friend had her tonsils removed and Livia heard horror stories about it.  So, she has been really upset with the thought of getting them removed. 

After waiting an hour and half, the doctor walked in looked at Ian and said, "Where is he from?"  Then quickly asked,  "He is adopted, right?"  I really wanted to say, "No, I gave birth to him,"  but didn't.   Then asked if I was a Christian.  I answered, "Yes."  The whole time thinking this is none of his business!  Then continued to ask if I was a practicing Christian.  It was just bizarre.  As if that was the only reason I would adopt a black child.  It was just one of those weird conversations that would not have happened if I had adopted a white child.  Today, I  learned that even professionals aren't so professional (wait a minute, actually I think I learned that along time ago, but was just reminded of it again today).


  1. Ken and I just love reading these! Poor Livia - at least she'll be able to eat a lot of ice cream for a while! Give all the babies (and Jamey) a big hug and kiss from me. Love you all!


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