Sunday, January 17, 2010

Click Away to Help Haiti

I know it has been forever since I have posted!  I promise I will post later this week about the family, but today there are more important things.

As with many of you are hearts have been saddened by the earthquake in Haiti.  I pray that this will bring awareness to the world of the many hardships this country has had before the earthquake and help will finally be given.  So, today I only ask you to pray for Haiti.  Pray for all of the those babies, those toddlers, those children, mothers, fathers, grandparents  who cannot find each other, who have no homes, who have no food, please pray that they will find hope until help finds them.

In addition to all of your prayers for Haiti, PLEASE click over to this blog Watching the Waters.  Cory is a mom of children adopted from Haiti. She has compiled a long list of blogs that are pledging to give money to Haitian relief for every comment left on the blogs. No expense to you, just leave a comment and money will be sent. If you can't afford to send donations yourself, then take some time and start clicking.
There are also many children there who have adoptive parents in the United States.  Due to the slow paperwork process they are not yet in the United States.  I cannot imagine these parents pain as they view the news.  I would be going crazy now.  So please write to your senators by clicking here and ask that these adoptions be expedited and that these precious children be granted emergency entrance into the US.
Thank you.

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  1. Thanks, Stori. Once again you are a blessing to so many. Love


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