Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas! Please Take a Little Time to Give!

I still need to clean my house before the family comes over tomorrow and wrap a lot of presents!  I really should not be typing right now, but I had to share this with all of you!

I have met a lot of amazing people during our adoption journey.  One of these families is the Woods family.  They are the adoptive parents of Grace (born in China)  and Haven (born in the DRC).  They do a lot volunteer work for Our Family Adoptions.  This is the nonprofit organization that brought our family together.  I urge you to visit their blog Amazing Grace and Safe Haven!  Not only do you get to see their gorgeous kids you also can raise money for Our Family Adoption at no cost to you just with a few clicks!   This organization is so very close to our heart.  Without it Chad in Ian would not be in our arms today.  So please take some time to visit their site and raise some money!  Oh, I forgot to tell you they have opened a really cool new Zazzle store called Where Hope Begins. You will find links to the store at the bottom of my blog posts. 100% of the profit from ALL product sales will be donated to Our Family Adoptions.

Merry Christmas Everyone!
With Love,
The Sullivans
Jamey, Stori, Livia, Parker, Chad, and Ian

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