Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Happy, Happy, Happy!" - Chad Ona Sullivan

Today I woke up exhausted, okay that’s not necessarily a new thing, but I was MORE exhausted than usual. Last night I had changed all of our sheets after all of us were treatment for the boys having a possible scabies case.  Then the dog puked on Parkers bed.  Not only the comforter, but the sheets and matress cover too.  Changed his sheets again.  Then went to the bathroom and found someone had diarrhea and missed the toilet and there were little brown footprints all over the bathroom and bathroom rug!  But as  I made breakfast for my four little ones, I just about busted out of my skin in happiness! I asked Jamey, “How in the world, can I feel so bad and yet feel so good?”

The answer to that question is that little four letter word ……LOVE. There is so much love in this house you can’t help but smile! Sometimes I wonder if I am actually dreaming. Did I really go to Africa and bring these two perfect boys home? I am just amazed. I saw where they were from, the awful orphanage they almost died in. I keep wondering, how they could live through such circumstances and still be so darn perfect.

I don’t always listen to God. Most of my life was spent ignoring him. Let me tell you from experience, if you listen to what God calls you to do, no matter how difficult or crazy it may seem at the time, you will be rewarded inside. I’ve never been so glad that I finally gave in to what I know I was suppose to do. I can’t imagine not being Chad and Ian’s mommy. We were all six simply meant to be together.  I only pray that others will listen to their calling and not be afraid.

I am called to do more than just adopt from the DRC. There is so much devastation there. I must help somehow. I feel God sent me there not only for my boys but for something more. I just haven’t took the time to put on my good listening ears to hear what exactly it is. I am anxious to find out what it is. But for now I am taking the time to cuddle the four bundles of joy I am so very blessed to call my babies.

Oh, and yes, I am the one who is blessed. Not these two little boys. This is a new pet peeve of mine. I keep hearing how wonderful we are and how we are such a blessing for these two little boys. No people, you don’t understand at all, they are the blessing to us.

The following pictures were taken with Parker's new camera.  That may be why there are no pictures of Livia ; )  I will get my camera back soon and will take some of my other beauty.

Parker loving on his little brother Chad.

On Sunday, Chad would fuss anytime Parker put him down.  Parker was complaining he was getting heavy.  I tried to take him and Chad said "No Mama, Parker!"  Chad loves his big brother!  So, Parker resorted to a sling!

"Happy, Happy, Happy!", Chad's favorite thing to say!

Chad being Chad!

I love this little face!  Snot and all!


  1. Stori,

    Brian and I couldn't agree more!!! We are the ones who are blessed. These angels have changed our lives! And we also feel so strongly that bringing Haven and Grace home is not the end of our journey! There is so much that must be done for the children that don't get to come home!

  2. Beautiful update - your kids are all so dang cute! Glad to hear you're all doing so well! :)

  3. Thanks for the update. Love the pictures! We do need to do more and I think God will let us know what soon. :)

  4. What a beautiful post! Very well stated. We are a new OFA family just starting the paper work. Loved reading about your trip and looking forward to ours in 2010!

  5. Congratulations- they are GORGEOUS!!! So happy for your beautiful family. :0) Love, Amy


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