Friday, December 11, 2009

Conquering the Mommy Monster

Well, Ian has the chicken pox. I am talking about thousands of bumps! I feel so bad for the little guy. Chad was vaccinated a few weeks ago. It must have helped because so far he has only had three spots.

Poor little Ian just will not sleep. Actually, I think it would be better stated to say poor mommy and daddy. Part of his problem now is obviously the chicken pox . But he has also gained a lot of new skills in the past week. He can crawl, pull up, climb, give you a high five, etc. He is so excited about all of these new skills, he simply does not want to take the time to sleep! He wakes up climbing all over us and telling really loud and wild tales (or so I believe)!

I think it’s something like this -“Look what I can do! Wow! I can do this too! And can you believe that I can clap my hands and climb over daddy! Oh, and listen how loud I can talk! I am completely happy in the middle of the night, until the mean mommy monster tries to cuddle me to sleep. What is she thinking! There are so many new things to do! I am not sleeping! I told you I am not sleeping! My mommy is really stubborn. She just doesn’t get it. Lucky for me I am even more stubborn then her!”
Not enjoying being woke up again, mommy grits her teeth. Then can’t help but smile at all of my accomplishments. I she think would really enjoy some snuggle time. I”ll give her a few seconds. Then I am off again!

Here is a picture to end with.  The boys love playing "Choo Choo" in the clothes basket.  They picked up a
hitchhiker today!


  1. Your family is just beautiful! You are going to have a rockin' Christmas this year. :) I can't stop dreaming about next year for us. Is it too early to start shopping fora blowout Christmas when we're all together?

  2. They are so cute! I hope that they start feeling better soon. Every year at Christmas, I wonder why we bother to buy gifts, because the kids still seem to always want to just keep playing in the laundry baskets. Glad they aren't the only ones!

  3. Thanks for the story! I can close my eyes and imagine being there. I miss you guys and love you! When are you coming to Australia? :)

  4. Stori, Stori, what a wonderful post, Sweetie. I've seen the happiness flow from all of you and it is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story with the world. I, too, hope someone else takes the time to listen to what God wants. Love you all.


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