Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Sad Detour to Joy

I am so madly in love with all four of my children. But still I find myself looking at pictures of Linda and Dokta. I just read old messages between me and the missionary girls who were there. It brought back so many feelings. I am so confused as to why they are not in our home right now. They are not adoptable, but yet they are still in the orphanages and are now separated into the boys and girls orphanages. It just breaks my heart.  But I know the reason why. If our adoption process had not been stopped with them, Chad and Ian would have died in the orphanage in Kinshasa. At the time I could not understand this obstacle at all. Why would God take Linda and Dokta away from us? It felt like they were ripped from my womb. It is still so painful. But again he had another plan for us. Chad and Ian are ours, they are exactly where they should be due to this roadblock in the adoption process. I cannot imagine life without these two. They have brought me so much joy. I am there mommy and so very blessed to be so.

So when you are bummed by the roadblocks in life, I ask you to just try to think of the joy God has planned ahead for you. 

I also ask that you please continue to pray for Linda and Dokta and all of the 5 million orphans we left behind in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Linda and Dokta, I still pray and think of you daily, you will always be in my heart.

Linda and Dokta being held by the wonderfully spirited Emanuell.  These children are being taken care of by an  orphanage sponsored by Our Family Adoptions.  The nonprofit organization that helped us through our adoption.  A wonderful organization if you are thinking about adoption.  Information can be found and donations can be made at their website http://www.ourfamilyadoptions.org/


  1. We saw picture of these two beautiful kiddos and pray for them that they will be together and find a home soon. My heart breaks for you, I can only imagine how hard it must be to look at their smiling faces and know that there is nothing that can be done but pray for them.

  2. I picked you for a Kreativ Blog Award. Read my latest entry for more info.

  3. Stori,

    It is so hard not to think of the children left behind, especially ones so dear to your heart. I think often of a little girl named Martine that I held in an orphanage in Kinshasa and wonder what her life is like, what her life would be like if she were here, what her life would be like if she were my daughter. It can almost be too painful to think about sometimes.


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