Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yes, We Are All Still Alive!

Yikes!  It has been over a month since I have updated my blog with information about my family!  Can be overwhelming to try to get caught up.  So, I decided to just look through my photos and pick out some of my favorites.  Please excuse the large number of photos.  We've been really busy!

I am embarrased to say this is our FIRST and ONLY family picture.

Poor little Ian, wanting to go join the crowd......

in the nice warm hot tub!

Wasn't enough water for us.  We went and visited the indoor waterpark.

The kids were in a Christmas Play at Church. 
Yes, that boy yawning through the play would be my son Parker.

We celebrated CHRISTmas with lots of family.  Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of all of these wonderful people.  But here's a few.

We have visited great-grandparents

Santa brought us all new rides!  Chad and Ian got the new rides below.  Me, Livia and Parker all got new bikes!  Jamey got a pull behind cart for the boys.  Sounds like I need to be getting back into shape!

Chad played a lot of dress up! 
He actually found these and suprised us coming around the corner looking this way!


Chad also has learned to walk (running most of the time). 
Ian has learned to crawl, pull up, and walk around objects.
Yes, I will be chasing two little runners before to long : )
And thank you great Aunt Hedy for the cute outfits!

Chad and Ian saw their first snow!  Ian wasn't to impressed.  Chad LOVED it! 
Poor little guys.  I layed them both down and put their snow suits on them.  Then as I was putting on my gloves, I realized they couldn't move at all!  It was such a Christmas Story moment.  They both were trying so hard to roll over.  It was just hilarious!

We met with some other families that have or are bringing home new little ones though Our Family Adoptions.  Below was a get together at our house with the Ott and Hall families.

We met Megan at the Science Center : )  Who is anxiously waiting to bring home baby Miles!  She is raising all sorts of money to take to the orphanages on her trip!  Check out her site The Terry's.

We also had another trip tothe Kidzone in the Science Center!

We snuggled LOTS.

And lastly I still can't believe I am sharing this, but it is just so funny.
I was cooking dinner the boys were playing with Livia in the living which is open to the kitchen, when I heard Livia scream, "MOM!"   This is what I found.....

The white cream is an Olive Oil product we use in Chad's hair before we comb it out. 
Apparently, Chad thought Ian needed his hair combed too!  I must say most of it was on his head!


  1. Thanks so much for the pictures! Give everyone my love! Miss you guys.

  2. oh my goodness! great picture update but those last two had me actually laughing! That is so funny!


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