Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Chad!

I just cannot believe Chad is two!  Time has flown by.  We have had these two little ones in our arms for over six months!  And boy has Chad changed!

You can't really see how small he was in this picture.

When I was looking back at this picture.
 I first thought this was Ian!

I remember thinking he was maybe 6-9 months old when I first held him.  He was so skinny.  He couldn't walk.  He wouldn't talk.  He wouldn't laugh.  He wouldn't look at me.  He was limp in my arms.  This all quickly changed!

We soon found out he could talk!  He never shuts up now!  His vocabularly amazes me!  He laughs all the time!  Lucky us, we get to see those cute dimples all day long!  He began walking about a month after we brought him home.  Now he runs and climbs on everything!  And I guarantee no one thinks of the word "skinny" when they see Chad! 

He is a wonderful big brother.  He tries to protect Ian and teach him what he should not do.  I commonly hear Chad nicely saying, " No, no, Ian."  If Ian cries,  Chad is the first one there, to ask, "What happened?" and give Ian a kiss.

He is a wonderful little brother.  Everyday when we pick Parker and Livia up from school Chad runs to them tackles them!  Nothing makes someone feel better than to be greated with such enthusiasm!  He also loves to play Wii with Parker.  He will even stop eating (which is his favorite thing) if he hears Parker say he is going to play Wii.  He has no clue that he is not controlling that car on the screen.  He sits on the couch steering his car! 

And of course he is a wonderful son!  I believe right now my favorite thing about him is that he asks several times a day for "Mama Snuggles". 

Today, we spent a few hours at the town park.  Chad must have felt that he was older today.  He insisted he could go down the big slide by himself. 

He loved this spinning thing-a-ma-jig. 
 I have no idea what to call this.

And loved rocking with Ian!

In honor of his birthday, I am now giving a copy of AThousand Sisters to two lucky ladies Missy and Carrie!  This privacy thing benifited you ladies!  My blog is not nearly as busy!  Please email me your addresses.


  1. Happy Birthday,Sweet Chad. Looks as if you had a very good day at the park. Love, Grandma Hedy and Papaw Steve

  2. WOOHOOO! I am so excited I won this book. This morning I was thinking how much I wanted to read it.

    Happy Birthday Sweet Chad. I can't wait to meet you this summer and give you a big squeeze!

  3. I can not wait to hold these babies! Thank goodness it's going to happen very soon! (Before they're all grown up!)


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