Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday's Wisdom

I have learned this year that when you add two kids to your family of four and make it a family of six, you end up at the hospital, doctor's office or ER very frequently!

I always thought we were a really healthy family.  Other than an occasional strep throat test at the clinic, we gladly stayed away from health care. 

I expected all of the lab work and vaccinations with the Chad and Ian.   Just not all of the other stuff that has happened in the last few months. 

Livia became our first child to ever have surgery.  She had her tonsils and aednoids removed.  This was such a blessing.  We didn't realize how much her sleep was being affected.  We used to have to scream, " Livia it is time to get up NOW!"  several times every morning.  Now the girl is up before we are full of energy!

Ian had a visit to the ER.  His upper airway was narrowing.  I was scared to death he had something lodged in his throat.  He still wants to put everything in his mouth.  He had to be admitted.  He thankfully was breathing fine the next day.  We have no idea what caused this.  But X-rays showed it was not due to any foriegn object in his throat.

Chad had a useless visit to the ER.  His foreskin had apparantly started closing up and he had extreme pain and could barely urinate.  After an hour drive to Louisville and two and a half hours in the ER the urologist refused to come in, stating "it wasn't a true emergency."  So we went home without any treatment what so ever!  Yes, we were very ticked off!  I can't help but think it being DERBY weekend had a lot to do with this.  He was relieved temporarily the next day by a wonderful urologist, who told us to bring him in right away.

Parker cut his leg on his bike chain.  He is a drama child when it comes to pain.  So, when he came in the house and said he cut himself without any tears.  I told him to take a shower and then I would look at it.  Well, a few minutes later Jamey told me to go help Parker (Jamey can't help in these situations or I would be cleaning up vomit too!).  So, to my suprise he had a cut I could lay my whole finger in!!!!  Yes, this kid was in shock, he was shaking and sweating.  So, off to the ER we went again!

Then yesterday, our second surgery, Chad had to be circumsized to fix his previous issue.  My heart just breaks for the poor little guy.  He is in so much pain.  I am trying to survive having to hold two babies non stop as Ian is sick too.  And trying to survive Chad with a naked bottom all day.  It is awfuly cute to see but, he's not quite potty trained, so ...well, you can imagine!

As I have had all of these visits, I just thank God that this is all we are dealing with.  We have four healthy children!  And we live in a country where health care is easily found.  I remember how hard it was to have children who needed specialized medical treatment in the D.R.C.  It just wasn't available.  It was an awful feeling to have a child in pain and not be able to get in my car and get a diagnosis with some medicine for him.

Seeing my children in the ER and being taken away from me into surgery is so hard.  I feel so helpless.  I just wish it was me with the pain and not them.  It made me think of all the parents who have children who are really ill.  How do they do it?  I just can't imagine.  I have cried so many times these past few months for these families I have not met.  I pray that God blankets them with her comfort and supports them with his strength.


  1. Girl! You've been busy! All I can say is thank God you had Chad's surgery now and not later. And when you have to unwrap him soak him in the tub for a long long long time and let him play with his toys while you unwrap him. Unless of course that part is already over then well, never mind. :)

  2. Each additional child raises the ER runs, accident rate and illnesses exponentially. It is multiplied, not added! Love you all.

  3. thanks for taking the time to write all this out and give us glimpses into life with 4 kids. praying for healing an rest for all of you!

  4. Oh God, I wish I could have been there to help. At least I don't vomit as easily as Jamey. :) My heart is always with you guys. Love


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