Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday's Wisdoms

It has been a long time since I have shared our weekly wisdoms.  Although, as always, wisdoms sounds way more important than our little learning adventures.  But here they are anyway.

Chad has learned he does not really like it when Pappy (this is what he calls his daddy, while he calls the neighbor "Daddy") gives Mama lots of kisses.  He has started saying, "Pappy, Mama is all done, Mama IS ALL DONE!"   But he sure likes it when he gets to give them to Mama!  This picture was taken to amuse him when we spent all day doing pre-op visits at the doctor's office and hospital.

Ian has learned he can stand up in the middle of the room all by himself.  He actually looks like a little surfer when he does it.  His legs are too far apart and bend and he sort of bounces with a proud look on his face.  But he has yet to take steps by himself.

Livia has learned to play the Sugarland song It Happens on the guitar!  She is going to be singing and playing it for her class American Idol Contest.  How fun is that!  I can't wait to attend the contest.  She has yet to play it for me.  She is to embarrased.  So, I am wondering how she is going to play it in front of a crowd.  Her instructor says she is doing great with it, so I am sure she will be great.

Parker should have learned by now to stay away from vines with three leaves.  But for some reason he hasn't.  This poor boy has had poison ivy nonstop!  The first day was the worst, we had to go and get a cortisone shot.  My poor little guy couldn't open his eyes.  And it was also on places he would prefer for me not to discuss on here!  Now he has a new batch on his chest.  The boy loves to climb trees and be in the woods.  So, I think he has just learned to deal with the itching.  He never complains anymore.  I think this is because he is afraid I will ban him from the woods.

Our dog Toby has learned that this is the safest place for him in our house.  You see, the boys used to be scared to death of him.  Not any more!  They LOVE him and want to pet, pull,  and squeeze him!  He tolerates this very well, but now prefers his little perch.  He reminds me so much of cat up there. But Unfortunately, for him Ian just learned that he can climb up on the couch!

I learned yesterday that frames can do wonders for artwork!  I cherished these paintings we bought when we were in Kinshasa, until recentley they had still been rolled up in a bag.  Now they are framed for everyone to enjoy and I absolutely LOVE them!


  1. How is Chad doing? Recovering? Poor little man. Bless his heart. Love you all.

  2. Will Liv give me a private concert? Hope so!


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