Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chicago Here We Come!........I think.

Ok, here's the deal.  For Livia's 10th birthday gift we gave her a card that said she could pick a Mommy and Liva trip (within driving distance).  She picked the windy city of Chicago.  This was no big suprise she has wanted to go there for years.

I was really excited when we decided this would be her gift!  We needed some girl time together.  And I really needed a break from the boys.  As the time for departure comes closer I am starting to think a 3-4 hour breaks is all I really needed.  I am a nervous wreck about leaving them!  I am actually starting to feel very nauseous.  And if I didn't have a little girl so excited about the trip, I would be cancelling it today! 

I can easily count the hours I have been away from Ian and Chad.  Two dates - 6 hours,  Mommy and me dates with my biggies - 12 hours, Livia's surgery - 9 hours, two trips to Walmart - 2 hours, Doctor's appt -2 hours, hair appt - 1.5 hours = less than 40 hours in over 4 months!  Yes, I know I need to get away more (and have my hair done again!).  This weekend I will be away from them for 48 hours all at once!  I am not for sure how me and the boys are going to handle that. 

I know all the boys will be fine without me.  Jamey has some girls in our youth coming over to help him out.  (That cracks me up, I somehow manage to do it all by myself everyday!)  I am glad he will have the help, because I know it will be less stressful for him.  Of course, he will also have Paker who is a wonderful helper!  He was asked to stay all night with a close friend.  He had told the friend "yes."  Then changed his mind when he realized Daddy would be alone with the boys that night.  He wanted to be there too!  

I just worry what will be going through their little minds.  Will they be worrying that I will never return, like so many people have already in their short little lives?

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