Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday's Wisdoms

My two besties and their children spent the night with us on Saturday.  We had sooo much fun!  The older kids ran up and down and up and down the steps over and over again.  We talked about everything under the moon.  We spent hours looking at those old yearbooks!  Yes, we were making fun of big bangs!  Next thing we know it is 2:30 AM!!!  Time really does fly when you are having fun!  Well, I learned that I am not to old to have a very fun slumber party. But, the next day I also learned I might be to old to operate well the day after a slumber party, because yes my youngest still got up at 6:00 AM!

Ian is learning to quickly go up the steps!  This makes Mommy really nervous!
Chad chasing Ian up the steps!

This past week I was telling Ian that  Livia had a hurt throat.  A little light bulb went off in his head and his eyes got really big (yes, even bigger than they normally are!).  He pointed one finger and then the other and touched them together, making the sign for hurt!   I was so amazed!  It was his first sign!  He now signs dog, all done, more and grandad!  He is getting so big!

Ian signing "more".
Chad has learned to count to 9!  I just can't get him to make it to 10!  He counts, "1...2...3....4...5...6...7...8...9......9!"  I am still very impressed!
Chad counting his goldfish.  He has a really hard time not eating them first!

Parker learned how to make a really cool fort!  He so loves the outdoors!  Our house is smack dab in the middle of his own paradise (mine too!).

Livia has finally recovered from her surgery!  First day back she learned it was ISTEP test week : (  Poor kid!

Jamey learned the best news of the week.  He took our youth group to snow camp.  On the way back home they stopped and visited the twins.  Yes, the twins we had when we were in Kinshasa!  Those of you who had followed our journey know these twins were teeny tiny, maybe 3 pounds!  I had my doubts that we could keep them alive when I first saw them in the orphanage.  But now they are in the US with their new family and doing great!

Jamey holding Desmond who weighs in at 20#!  Yes, he weighs more than Ian!

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  1. Glad to hear Liv is feeling better! I doubt she has much to worry about with the ISTEP. Love you guys!


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