Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kentuckiana Pals

We had a wonderful Saturday this weekend.  We spent the day with the Terry's.   They have recently brought home Miles from the D.R.C.  He is right in between my boys as far as age goes.  They also have Livia's little girlfriend Sadie and Parker's buddy Noah.  It was considered a play date for the children.  The first of many to come.  But really, I think it was a play date for me and Megan!  I really love this girl!  I am so glad that God has brought us together through adoption.  

I read her blog daily and I suggest you do to!  She is giving the Blind Side DVD away.  One of our favorite movies!  But besides the cool giveaways, she has a gift for writing.  She has wonderful topics of adoption, D.R.C. , stay at home mommies, and just life.  There are so many days I read her blog and I think that it came right out of my brain.  Just so much more organized than what pops out of mine!  Other days, she posts something I had never thought of, but agree with 100%.  So, there are many days that I am tempted to just simply post on my blog:

Please see the TERRY'S blog.

And guess what, today I am doing that.  Not only can you win an awesome movie, but you can see pictures of our kiddos together.  (You see, I told you she was much more organized, she actually new where her camera was!)

So, Please go visit the TERRY'S blog and stay awhile!


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