Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Congo?

When people hear we are adopting from the DRC, they often respond with "Your adopting from the Congo! Why? How did that come about?".
Well, it all started with a little spark all four us seemed to have to adopt a child in need. We all assumed it would be a local adoption. We knew there was such a great need for adoptive parents here. Then came Tim....
He walked into my husband office sharing his joy of adopting a child from the DRC. Jamey came home very excited about it! I wasn't real sure about it, until I researched the DRC. After finding out the circumstances in the DRC, I was in shock. I was very mad that I was not educated on how bad things were there. I questioned why we hear about and help other countries more than this one. My heart was simply put...sad for the Congolese people, especially the children.
I know children in th USA need homes, but I know most have shelter and food and have a chance to live past five. I guess I soon found my heart going out to the most needy. Finally, after reading Tim's family's blog, I knew I was going to give a Congolese child a chance and most importantly my heart.

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