Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Love E-mail!

While in Florida, we received an e-mail from Jilma (our wonder woman attorney). In it included a referral from the orphanage in Kinshasa, DRC with a picture. It was of a beautiful little two-month-old boy. We of course accepted the referral! I was so excited running thru the house showing everyone his picture (sorry, for interupting your shower Jenny, I just couldn't wait)!

Everyone was so excited except for Livia, our nine-year-old. We had planned all along to accept whomever God had planned for us. Livia was really hoping this included a little girl. So, we decided to let her make the final decision on his name. This had to be done very soon in order to start his paperwork right away. This seemed impossible. I couldn't pick out a name in nine months! How were we to do this in a few days? Well, we narrowed it down to a few names and Livia chose Ian James.
We also want to add a Congolese name. After talking to Ryan (another adoptive parent) he suggested we wait and find something meaningful in our travel there. Thank you so much Ryan! Our conversation was so helpful! You can check out his family blog at Come Jam With Our Family. I am regular follower. They have such a beautiful family!

We hopefully will be able to travel to get Ian somewhere between August and October depending on how quickly the paperwork goes. So, everynight I am praying for that paper to fly from desk to desk!

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  1. He is gorgeous, but your comment post on my blog said you have 2 coming home? Who is number 2? Come join my blog as a follower. I'ver put you on my list. I can't wait to follow your journey. Haven is an absolute angel! He is 8 months old and so happy and healthy!!! We are in love. Keep in touch!

    Carrie--mama to Haven from DRC


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