Friday, June 26, 2009

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Today, Livia and Parker were in their first wedding. They were so beautiful and handsome! I was so proud of them. They did a great job! Jamey's niece Kelsey was the bride. She was so beautiful! I was so amazed when she sang a sung that she wrote for the groom! It was incredible! Her father performed the wedding ceremony, it was beautiful, and of course, I cried. Weddings always get to me.

Livia and Kelsey

Livia loved the wedding and reception! She like her mommy cried through the ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hill

Jamey and Kelsey

I never knew my husband could dance like this! All that yoga must have improved his flexibility!

Nanny and Gramps with Livia and Parker

This is Parker's first real smile of the day! He yawned through the ceremony, but enjoyed dancing with mommy!

Jamey's brother, Jon Mark, his wife Kim, and their twin girls Kelsey an Kendra. They really make me feel old. They were only two years old when me and Jamey started dating!

My handsome little man.

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