Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Guardian Angel

We have been very fortunate to have stumbled upon a missionary worker that is in the DRC. She and her husband are the MCC Representatives of the DRC. She was first recommended through Our Family Adoptions. We soon found out that she has worked with our neighbors' daughter, our preachers, and is friends with some friends of ours! What a small world!

She has bought a lot of formula for us and has delivered it to the orphange. She also sent these very treasured photographs. She has also shared that the caretakers at the orphanage speak Lingala. So, now I am researching some Lingala, instead of Swahili. Suzanne has adopted three lovely children of her own internationally. She has been a great support to us and we feel very blessed to add her as an "auntie" to our children. Please keep her and her husband in your prayers as they travel back and forth from the DRC and the USA.

Big Brother Chad

The Orphanage at Kinshasa, Ian's and Chad's temporary home.

Baby Ian

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  1. Yay!!!! Pictures! They are angels. I am so excited following your journey. The boys are tiny now, but they will bounce back! Our Haven started crawling this weekend and has huge "thunder thighs"! We'll keeping on praying!


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